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Many kidney patients complain the side effects of dialysis and steroids. Here, you can learn some alternative kidney disease treatments with less side effects.

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Alternative Therapy to help you fight against kidney disease.

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What's immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a kind of treatment take advantage of Chinese and Western medicine regulates the patients’ immunoreactions, enhance patients’ immunity, eliminate the harmful substance and restore the kidney function. We divide the treatment in six steps as: accurate diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune regulation and immune protection.

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What causes kidney disease?

Most of kidney diseases (95%) are induced by dysfunction of the immune system. We have two kinds of the immune system: innate immune system and back-up system. Normally, the innate immune system protects the organism from bacteria or virus invasion. When the innate immune system suffers damage, the back-up immune system will be activated to generate immunoreactions. However, when the back-up immune system overreacts, this will do harm to organs and tissues. Kidney disease is due to the overactive immunoreactions in kidney.

The overactive immunoreactions influence kidney by immune complex depositing in kidney. These deposits will cause inflammation in kidney and this will cause a series of consequence, such as ischemia and sclerosis in kidney.

Immunotherapy for kidney disease

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How does immunotherapy work to treat kidney disease?

Immunotherapy is a systematic treatment for kidney disease; patients in our hospital can receive the treatment with the help of our experienced nephrologists. The followings are specific steps of the treatment:

1.Accurate diagnosis

Without accurate diagnosis of patients’ disease, patients may suffer from deteriorated condition and reoccurrence. On the contrary, accurate diagnosis assures patient appropriate treatment. Some special tests can be conducted in our hospital to find out the exact cause of patients’ diseases, like kidney damage test, blood toxins test, immune test.

2.Immune blocking

Immune blocking is an important step of the treatment. Through administering immunosuppressant drugs, the overactive immunoreactions can be restrained protecting intrinsic cells from further damage.

In this step, the advantage of accurate diagnosis is obvious. Only the type of immunoreaction and the location of immune complex are definite, can the drugs be administered.

3.Immune clearance

Our hospital not only has advanced equipment to eliminate blood toxins, but also have nephrologists experienced in using them. Therefore, there is sufficient condition to guarantee your curative effect. These blood purification techniques include immunoadsorption, plasma exchange, hemoperfusion, hemofiltration, etc.

4.Immune tolerance

Immune tolerance is to let kidney coexist with immune complex, stopping the undue inflammatory reaction. The treatment purpose is to protect the renal intrinsic cells from further damage. Patients need to receive regular immune blocking to suppress immunoreactions and doctor need monitor patients’ condition to ensure that the immune blocking is conducted in a right way.

Though immune tolerance could stabilize patients’ condition, patients are required to stick to immune blocking for maintaining the efficacy of immune tolerance. For long term, the only cure for the disease is to remove the immune complex. In the fifth step of the treatment--- immune regulation, our nephrologists use Chinese medicine to promote the circulation of blood and decompose the immune complex, especially the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy lets the medicine permeate into kidney lesion through patients’ skin without stimulation to digestive system. Clinically, this therapy has achieved effective efficacy on kidney disease. In addition, Chinese medicine also has the effect of enhancing patients’ immunity so that their immune system can remove the immune complex spontaneously.

5.Immune regulation

Since a large part of kidney diseases are due to immune disorders, some traditional Chinese medicines are used to balance Yin and Yang in Immune regulation, so as to normalize patients’ immune system and prevent the recurrence of kidney diseases.

6.Immune protection

In immune protection, Chinese medicine accompanied by Western medicine treatment is to protect the remained kidney function. Meanwhile these medicines can help the impaired intrinsic renal cells get restored.

What’re advantageous feathers of immunotherapy?

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What’re advantageous feathers of immunotherapy?

In the therapy, our nephrologists take advantage of Chinese medicine and Western medicine to treat kidney disease. Owing to their rich experience in kidney disease treatment, they exploit the strong points and avoid weaknesses of Chinese medicine and Western medicine. This therapy has the following benefits:

Lower the risk of complications

During treating kidney disease, this therapy also clears patients’ blood environment. These toxic and harmful substances which do harm to other organs can be eliminated during the procedure of immune clearance. Thus, the risk of complication, especially cardiovascular disease can reduce.

Having long-term efficacy

Not only the symptoms of the disease can be alleviated, can the underlying cause of kidney disease can be corrected. Patients will enough the long-term efficacy rather than recurrences of kidney disease.

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In summary

Through adjusting the immune system, immunotherapy enhance patients’ immunity, and eliminate immune complex and blood toxin to achieve the goal of treating kidney disease. With years’ clinic treatments, immunotherapy has developed into a complete therapy for kidney disease. If you are interested in our therapy, you can contact us and more detailed information will be presented.

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