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5 Points You May Ignore in Triggering the Relapse of Kidney Disease

2017-07-03 07:01

5 Points You May Ignore in Triggering the Relapse of Kidney DiseaseWhen referring to the reason of kidney disease relapse, you may think of catching a cold, infections and fatigue. In the following, I will list 5 points you may often ignore. They can also trigger the relapse of kidney disease.

1. To avoid protein intake

To avoid increasing the burden of kidneys and reduce swelling and proteinuria, you may be suggested to reduce protein intake. But some patients mistake that they should avoid protein intake. Actually long-term low protein diet can cause severe malnutrition. Thereby when you follow a low protein diet, you should supplement essential amino acids to improve malnutrition so as to protect the residual kidney tissues and slow down the deterioration of kidney function.

2. To simply transfuse blood to improve anemia

For almost all kidney patients, they have anemia more or less. And the more advanced your kidney disease, the more severe your anemia. To improve anemia, you may think of blood transfusion. In fact, massive blood transfusion can not improve anemia. On the contrary, it can inhibit the production of erythropoietin and reduce the production of red blood cells so as to worsen anemia. In such a case, you can combine medications, blood transfusion and diet to treat anemia.

3. To depend on Chinese medicine only

Chinese medicine can help you clear waste products from body, but it takes effect slowly and it requires you keep on treatment for long-term. Besides, it is effective only when you are in early stage or moderate stage of kidney failure. Once you are in uremia, toxins in blood are very high. Simply Chinese medicine can not help you clear them timely. Therefore, you had better start dialysis as early as possible. Once your disease is stable, you can use Chinese medicine together to help you improve your condition.

4. To ignore the treatment of primary disease

Kidney disease is classified into two types: primary one and secondary one. Sometimes we ignore the secondary factors that cause kidney damage. For example, Hypertensive Nephropathy is caused by long-term high blood pressure. During the treatment course, you should firstly control your blood pressure to reduce its damage to your kidneys, and then take treatment to treat kidney disease. If you can do it timely, you can reduce kidney damage greatly and protect your kidney function.

5. Not to keep on treatment and regular check-ups

After treatment, symptoms get relieved and indexes turn negative, so you may feel well and think your disease has been controlled well. Then you may not attach importance to your condition. In diet, you may eat whatever you like. What is worse, you may not go back hospital for regular check-ups. In fact, your disease may gradually become worse during this period of time.

Have you ever made the above 5 mistakes? Hope from now on you can treat your kidney disease correctly. For more information on CKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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