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If You Catch A Cold with Kidney Disease, Please Do So

2018-04-12 03:40

Kidney Disease is an autoimmune disease. Because of the application of steroids and immunosuppressants, your immunity is usually low so that your body can not fight against the invading bacteria and virus powerfully. That is why renal patients are susceptible to getting a cold. For kidney patients, once catching a cold, it is likely for their disease to get worse or relapse. And then you may have to use more those medicines to treat the disease. This is like a vicious circle.

If You Catch A Cold with Kidney Disease, Please Do So

What to do if you catch a cold with kidney disease?

-Slight cold

If it is common cold or you have only slight cold symptoms, it is unnecessary for you to take any medicines. You can also choose some mild herbal medicines for short-term treatment to relieve symptoms. When choosing medicines, do not use the Chinese patent medicine without any brand or indicating pharmaceutical ingredients.

If You Catch A Cold with Kidney Disease, Please Do So

Actually when symptoms are slight, you can drink plenty of water or fresh ginger soup to improve kidney detoxification ability and body’s ability to dispel cold.

As soon as the disease progresses, and there is a tendency for bacterial infection, go to see your doctor timely.

If you are using immunosuppressants for kidney disease treatment, you can reduce or discontinue them during the cold.

If You Catch A Cold with Kidney Disease, Please Do So

In addition, if you have the habit of doing exercises, you had better avoid strenuous activities and choose some gentle exercises, such as walking during the cold.

Note: If you have weak physical condition, after your cold gets into remission for 2-3 weeks, you should start exercises to strengthen your physical condition and promote immunity.

Exercises such as Tai Chi, Brisk Walk and Yoga are recommended.

Remember to wear a gauze mask when going out. Pay attention to personal hygiene and outside places.

To put on or take off clothes according to weather change. Keep warm.

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