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When you are sick, you need to take medicine. After taking the medicine, you will feel better. When the illness gets controlled or cured, you want to stop the medicine.When you under these conditions, you can not stop medicine.

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To Avoid Uremia, Medicine Cannot Be Stopped Under These Conditions

2018-09-17 03:16

To Avoid Uremia, Medicine Cannot Be Stopped Under These ConditionsWhen you are sick, you need to take medicine.

After taking the medicine, you will feel better.

When the illness gets controlled or cured, you want to stop the medicine.

That is what most patients do. Take kidney patients for an example, when their edema disappears, proteinuria turns negative, blood pressure becomes normal, blood sugar level decreases, and serum creatinine level declines, they consult whether they can stop the disease. After all, no one want to eat medicine for life-long.

However, there are many factors involved in drug withdrawal, which can lead to relapse or aggravation of the disease and even accelerate the progression of renal failure.

Even if kidney disease seems to be getting better, if it is one of these conditions, you’ll still need to take a lifetime medication.

1. Steroid-dependant Nephrotic Syndrome

For patients with Nephrotic Syndrome, especially Minimal Change Disease, the effect is good even if they are sensitive to steroids, but they are also likely to be steroid-dependent. If so, it is time to consider extending or replacing the use of immunosuppressants, such as Cellcept, or other medicine.

Once disease recurrence is out of control, individual doses of steroids will be maintained for a long time.

2. Chronic renal insufficiency or uremia

In principle, long-term drug therapy is required. In addition to western medicine for hypertension, phosphorus, anemia correction, uric acid reduction and symptomatic treatment, most of renal patients also require long-term Chinese patent medicine (such as shenshuaikang capsules) or combined treatment of Chinese herbal medicine for anti-inflammation, anti-fibrosis, and eliminating turbidity by purgation.

3. Lupus Nephritis

When the active stage of lupus is controlled, doses of steroids need to be reduced. But when the steroids are reduced to small doses, long-term use is still required, which can prevent disease recurrence. And it is recommended to take a daily dose of 5 to 10mg prednisone tablets.

4. Diabetic Nephropathy

Many patients with diabetes for over 10 years are likely to have multiple complications such as Diabetic Nephropathy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and retinopathy, which require long-term treatment with multiple drugs. Therefore, Diabetic Nephropathy patients need to use drugs for life.

5. Some CKD patients

In general, most patients with CKD should take long-term medication of ACEI and ARBs to reduce urinary protein, protect renal function and delay the progression of kidney disease, except those who have no tolerance to ACEI or ARBs, serum creatinine level greater than 265 umol/L, and hyperkalemia.

Even with a lifetime of medication, it has to be done under the guidance of a doctor. For more information on CKD medication, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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