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Cycle Therapy for Kidney Disease

Circle Therapy for Kidney Disease

Cycle Therapy, as one method of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), can help strengthen our body. For people with kidney disease, this therapy is able to help diseased kidneys to cleanse the blood by eliminating waste products and toxins.

Cycle Therapy depends on scientific diagnosis

According to TCM, every disease lesion can be found corresponding part on skin through meridian theory and palpation. This can guarantee Cycle Therapy treats different diseases correctly. That is to say, Cycle Therapy is taken based on scientific diagnosis.

How does Cycle Therapy work?

Firstly, doctors will prescribe effective Chinese medicines, according to the diagnosis. Then, Chinese medicines are crushed that can draw out toxins by smearing them on different body parts. Draw gyrate circles on each of reactive areas five times once a day. Cycle clockwise in cold diseases, while circle counterclockwise in heat disease. After 4-8 hours, take a bath with warm water and wash the circles. About one month later, patients can get obvious therapeutic effects.

Short-term effects of Cycle Therapy for kidney disease patients?

- Skin problems are eased

- Muscle cramps are controlled

- Appetite and sleep quality improves

- Sweating

- Get more energy

Long-term effects of Cycle Therapy for kidney disease patients?

- High creatinine and BUN level declines

- Protein and blood in urine reduces

- High blood pressure drops

- The progress of kidney disease slows

Can all kidney disease patients use this therapy?

Even though Cycle Therapy can provide so many benefits for kidney patients, not all patients can use it. Since this therapy works through skin, some patients whose skin is allergic to this therapy should avoid it. Besides, if the person has injury in skin, Circle Therapy isn’t suitable for him or her, either.

In summary

Cycle Therapy does help diseased kidneys to cleanse blood and draw out toxins, but not all patients can take it. To be responsible for your health and safety, you are recommended to tell the online doctor more about illness condition or send your medical test to We are glad to guide you to use Cycle Therapy safely and properly for free.











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