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What Is Stage 3 Kidney Failure in Diabetes

2014-04-25 01:58

What Is Stage 3 Kidney Failure in DiabetesAt present, diabetes is one common disease that affects many patients’ health all over the world. What’s worse, diabetes can attack various organs and systems, and kidneys are involved easily. Stage 3 kidney failure refers to moderate damage to kidneys. Well then, what is stage 3 kidney failure in diabetes?

An overview of stage 3 kidney failure in diabetes

According to glomerular filtration rate (GFR), chronic kidney failure, or chronic kidney disease, is divided into five stages. Stage 3 kidney failure means kidneys are functioning at 30%~59%. Compared with kidney failure caused by other conditions, kidney failure due to diabetes progresses more quickly and may lead to more serious complications. Fortunately, in stage 3 kidney failure, diabetics still have a high level of kidney functioning cells, so they still have chance to reverse their kidney damage and improve their health condition.

How to treat stage 3 kidney failure in diabetes?

As diabetes is the underlying cause, managing kidney failure should begin from controlling patients’ blood sugar and stopping kidney condition from worsening. Today, we are here to give out the following suggestions.

1. Develop a scientific diet plan: For diabetics with Stage 3 Kidney Failure, low sugar or even sugar free, low salt, low protein, etc, are basic dietary requirements for these patients, while the personalized diet plan should depend on patients’ illness condition. (If you want to get a detailed diet plan, welcome to contact our doctor online.)

2. Manage all complications timely: It is reported that nearly all diabetics with kidney disease have high blood pressure. Besides, proteinuria, hematuria, swelling, and so on, is common symptoms of diabetic kidney failure. In turn, these complications can accelerate the progression of kidney failure. Therefore, no matter which one complication you have, accept correct treatments and manage them timely.

3. Reverse kidney damage: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy are two treatment options that can help normalize blood circulation and increase the blood flow into kidneys. Once kidney filters can get enough nutrition and oxygen, damaged kidney cells can go back to work gradually. After about one or two months, patients can get an obvious improvement. (To learn more about these treatments and their therapeutic effects, welcome to leave a message below or send email to

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