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What Is Stage 3 Kidney Failure in Diabetics

2014-05-17 03:29

What Is Stage 3 Kidney Failure in DiabeticsIt is not a rare phenomenon that diabetics have kidney failure. Clinically, diabetic kidney failure is divided into 5 stages, and stage 3 kidney failure in diabetics is reversible if patients are treated effectively in time.

The five stages of diabetic kidney failure

· Stage 1: Abnormal high GFR (glomerular filtration rate) and enlarged kidneys is present. Patients can recover by being given insulin treatment.

·Stage 2: UAER (Urinary Albumin Excretion Rate) returns back to normal, but the glomeruli have had structural changes.

·Stage 3: It is the early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy. Urinary albumin excretion rate reaches 20~200μg/min and the patient has a slightly high blood pressure. Glomerular function starts to decline.

·Stage 4: It is the clinical stage. Large amounts of proteinuria (>3.5g/24h), swelling and hypertension appear. Patients have a bad reaction to diuretics, resulting in severe swelling (edema).

·Stage 5: It is the so called ESRD (end stage renal disease).

What causes the stage 3 kidney failure in diabetics?

Kidney failure is one of the complications of diabetes. Now, let’s look at what are the causes of stage 3 kidney failure in diabetics.

First of all, due to the high level of sugar, glomerular biochemical composition is abnormal, leading to increased vascular permeability. Therefore, a large quantity of plasma protein leaks out, causing glomerular sclerosis.

Secondly, when the sugar enters into the cells, it will stimulate the activity of the relevant enzyme, leading to enzyme and protein to form some complexes. Those products will accumulate in glomeruli and damage the kidneys. As a result, renal failure occurs.

Thirdly, young diabetics have a relatively high level of growth hormone, which is also involved in the complex formation.

Finally, infections caused by diabetes may damage the renal cortex.

All the above causes damage kidneys, resulting in a declined kidney function. In that case, proteinuria, high blood pressure and urine changes are all the signs of stage 3 kidney failure.

How to treat stage 3 kidney failure in diabetics?

As stage 3 kidney failure in diabetics is reversible, a healthy diet, some proper exercise for lowering body weight, and insulin treatment are helpful. More importantly, protecting the remaining kidney function and recovering the damaged kidney function should be the priority. You can consult our doctors online or leave a message below. We will provide you specific suggestions.

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