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Prognosis for a Diabetic With Kidney Failure

2014-06-18 02:50

Prognosis for a Diabetic With Kidney FailureKidney failure is a progressive kidney disease and irreversible. The prognosis is not so good because the more than 85% of kidney function has lost. If prognosis of kidney failure is related to the causes and complications. This article is about the prognosis for a diabetic with kidney failure.

Factors that can affect the prognosis of kidney failure

According to research, when Scr>442umol/L(5mg/L), the average time of progressing into uremia is 10.8 months. The higher level of Scr (serum creatinine) is, the worse of prognosis is.

On one hand, causes of kidney failure such as chronic glomerular nephritis, pyelonephritis, polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and diabetic nephropathy, make different prognosis. Among those factors, diabetic nephropathy is the biggest risk.

On the other hand, among complications of kidney failure, high blood pressure causes the worst prognosis. Some factors, including infections, heart failure, dehydration and malpractice of medicines, can also lead to a worse prognosis.

Therefore, if you can control the above factors timely, you can prolong your life.

What is the prognosis of diabetic with kidney failure?

Since diabetes is a chronic disease, so at the early stage, patients may not experience some clinical symptoms. In general, proteinuria occurs after 10 years of diabetes. Therefore, diabetics with kidney failure have a bad prognosis. In the early stage, even though the glomeruli have been damaged, there is are obvious symptoms. The only change patients can see is a little protein in urine. Once persistent severe proteinuria (>3.5g/24 hours) occurs, it indicates the kidney function has been irreversibly damaged.

According to a survey, 25% diabetics develop into kidney failure within 6 years, 50% of diabetics within 10 years and 75% of diabetics within 15 years. It is about 10 years’ life of patients from the witness of proteinuria to the death of uremia.

Even though the prognosis of diabetic with kidney failure is not so good as you think, you should not be scared by the data. If only you take timely and proper treatments can you prolong your lifespan. We are always ready to help you.

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