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What Causes Diabetics to Have Excessive Sweating

2015-07-01 10:24

What Causes Diabetics to Have Excessive SweatingExcess sweating is a bad symptom of diabetes. Knowing the causes of it is helpful for you to receive timely and proper treatment. Read this article and you can find what you want.

Causes of excess in diabetes

● Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level)

Excess sweating is a common symptom of hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, which left untreated can easily lead to unconsciousness and in some cases diabetic coma.

● Nerve damage

Nerve damage is the second reason for excess sweating. This is not common and more dangerous than hypoglycemia. Long term of high blood sugar levels will damage he autonomic nervous system which is responsible for involuntary functions such as hear rate, blood pressure, perspiration and digestion. As result, the sweat glands secrete more sweat.

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Treatment for excess sweating in diabetes

No matter hypoglycemia or nervous damage, they are both dangerous conditions and need immediate treatments. Patients can deal with this condition by controlling blood sugar levels by medicines or diet.

According to our clinical practices, I recommend you to take traditional Chinese medicines. The main effect of our natural herbal medicines is to purify the blood. The effective ingredients have the function of blood vessel dilation, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and extracellular matrixes degradation. Thereby, blood circulation increases, each organ or system can get enough oxygen to function normally.

Commonly used therapies for diabetes include Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Steam Therapy, Acupuncture or Hot Compress Therapy. They are all widely used for diabetes and are very natural methods.

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