Dialysis is often recommended when creatinine level is very high. Is dialysis the only option for high creatinine? In the past, it may be the only option, but now it is not.

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Is Dialysis the Only Option for High Creatinine

2019-01-06 08:13

Is Dialysis the Only Option for High CreatinineDialysis is often recommended when creatinine level is very high. Is dialysis the only option for high creatinine? In the past, it may be the only option, but with the development of medical technology, more and more treatment options appear.

Dialysis is no more the only option for high creatinine.

There are some medications to help reduce creatinine, such as Niaoduqing granules, Aixite, medicinal charcoal, Shenshuaining, etc. But they just make use of your intestinal tract to eliminate wastes from body rather than improve renal function. When you stop them, creatinine level will increase again. If you would like to lower and stabilize creatinine level, you need a systemic treatment.

Systemic treatment to lower high creatinine

In our hospital, Toxin-Removing Treatment, also known as Detoxification Therapy is often used. This treatment aims at solving blood problems. When the blood condition gets improved, kidneys will gradually repair themselves and restore their renal function.

This treatment is made up of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Enema Therapy, Steam Therapy, Cycle Therapy and so on. These therapies can work together to eliminate waste products and extra fluid from body to make internal environment clean. It can also dilate blood vessels and remove stasis to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into kidneys so that enough essential elements such as oxygen, nutrients and active ingredients of medicine can be transported into nidus to speed up kidney recovery. Moreover, it can restore the balance of anti-inflammatory cytokines and pro-inflammatory cytokines to reduce renal inflammation and control the disease from getting worse.

After about one week’s treatment, you will see cotton-like substances in urine, which are those wastes being passed out.

After about half month’s treatment, high creatinine, urea and uric acid level will be reduced.

After about one month’s treatment, your kidney disease will be under control, and renal function will get improved. With the gradual improvement of renal function, creatinine can be passed out naturally.

Is Dialysis the only option for high creatinine? Of course not, you can try Toxin-Removing Treatment, which can not only lower creatinine level, but also keep it stable at certain level. For more information on our hospital and our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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