Kidney Disease Symptoms

Here are some typical kidney disease symptoms. With the information, you can know them and learn to control them effectively with doctor's guidance.

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Diarrhea in Kidney Disease

Anemia and Kidney Disease

Diarrhea is a common complaint of kidney disease patients. Patients may don’t take it seriously as it is a common illness in our daily life. However, diarrhea can be a great health hazard for kidney disease patients, since diarrhea can induce imbalance of water-electrolyte, acid-base disturbance, dehydration and acidosis. Chronic diarrhea can cause malnutrition, short of vitamin, anemia and hypoimmunity.

How dose kidney disease cause diarrhea?

- Low immunity

Infection by bacteria is a common reason of diarrhea. Kidney disease patients with low immunity have higher risk of being infected by bacteria, for example some sour food can be the reason of diarrhea.

- Too much fluid in intestines

Kidney patients have the symptom of swelling, when the symptoms occur to large range of patients’ body, especially in intestine. This causes too much fluid in intestines, which is the reason of diarrhea.

- Too much toxins in intestine

For kidney disease patients, there are too much toxins building up in their intestine, which will stimulate intestine to speed up to excrete the toxins. Intestinal contents contact the mucosa in such a short time that will influence digestion and absorption. The symptom of diarrhea will occur.

- Reducing function of adrenal cortex

Kidney damage is followed by reducing function of adrenal cortex (hypoadrenocorticism). Hypoadrenocorticism causes decrease of gastric acid and pepsinum, so the absorption function of small intestine decline. That’s another reason of diarrhea.

- Enteritis

The toxins can stimulate the intestinal mucosa, which causes enteritis. That’s the common reason of diarrhea for patients with end stage kidney disease.

What’s the treatment for kidney disease patients with diarrhea?

Treatments should depend on the underlying causes. Here, we give out several treatment options that can help manage diarrhea. (If you want to get personalized treatment plan, you can email to me)

1. Anti-infective therapy

Under doctors’ instruction, patients can take antibiotic according to their pathogeny.

2. Anti-diarrhoica

If diarrhea is sever, patients can take some anti-diarrhoica in case of dehydration.

3. Correct the imbalance station

Diarrhea usually will cause imbalance of water, electrolyte and acid-base, so patients should take in some vitamin, fluid and some nutrition avoiding malnutrition.What food is good for patients with diarrhea?


Patients with diarrhea can eat some porridge, in small amounts and several times a day. Additives, such as sugar or vegetables shouldn’t add to the porridge. When patients’ condition gets improved, minced meat and vegetable could be added to provide more nutrition for patients.

5. Foods rich in fiber

Patients should choose food high in fiber and easy to digest. These foods can absorb fluid is intestine alleviating the symptom. Patients should choose food easy to digest avoiding aggravate patients’ condition.

All consequent results of diarrhea can deteriorate patients’ condition, so this basic knowledge of diarrhea could give patients some help. If you have any other question we don’t mention, you can contact our online doctors. They can give you professional advice.

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