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The Chance of Nephritis to Uremia Is Only 1%, But 4 Cases Can Aggravate Your Disease

2018-04-11 03:51

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is the blasting fuse of uremia. From the onset of renal inflammation, kidney function is gradually impaired. When it goes to the end stage, it can not be reversed. The final result is End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), also known as uremia.

The Chance of Nephritis to Uremia Is Only 1%, But 4 Cases Can Aggravate Your Disease

Uremia is horrible, because currently there is not effective treatment, but the fact is that only 1%-2% of renal patients can go into uremia stage, while most renal patients won’t. Therefore, do not be pessimistic when you are diagnosed with kidney disease. As long as you take treatment aggressively in the early, your prognosis won’t be bad.

How to judge the damaged degree of your kidney function?

On one hand, your body will give you some alert signs in early stage of kidney disease, for example, swelling, foamy urine, increased or reduced urine, elevated blood pressure, etc. One the other hand, renal tests such as urine routines, urine protein and renal biopsy can also help you find out the disease.

Once there is a clear diagnosis, you should prepare for treatment. Why some renal patients are prone to developing uremia? I think all of renal patients should concern about it. Only in this way can you find out suitable treatment measures to avoid damage kidneys further.

The Chance of Nephritis to Uremia Is Only 1%, But 4 Cases Can Aggravate Your Disease

Renal patients with these 4 symptoms are susceptible to uremia. Attach importance to your illness condition if you have them.

1. Massive proteinuria, and the effect of treatment is not good. 24h urine protein is over 1g, and becomes more and more.

2. High blood pressure. Once high blood pressure presents, the risk of kidney disease progression increases. And if high blood pressure appears as soon as you find kidney disease, it means your pathological pattern is bad.

3. When you find the disease, your kidney function has been severely damaged, or the disease has been in renal function insufficient stage. Kidney disease is a chronic disease the earlier you find it, the earlier you start treatment, the better the treatment effect. Once it is very severe, the progression is usually very quick.

4. Bad pathological type. There are many types of kidney diseases. Some of them have bad prognosis, and it is more likely to go into uremia, for example, Diabetic Nephropathy, FSGS, Mesangial proliferative Glomerulonephritis, amyloid disease, etc.

Once in a physical checkup, Mr.Lin found that he has urine protein 2+, and occult blood 2+. Local doctor considered it may be nephritis and suggested him to provincial hospital for further diagnosis. Result showed that he had develop to uremia stage.

With high creatinine level over 1000 umol/L, nausea, dizziness and some other symptoms usually present. But Mr.Lin said he did not have any of them. But doctor told him that for his case, he had to start dialysis.

The Chance of Nephritis to Uremia Is Only 1%, But 4 Cases Can Aggravate Your Disease

After several dialysis, Mr.Lin did not find any changes in his condition. Once in a while, he heard about our hospital, and decided to see whether treatment here is really effective.

After about one month’s treatment, his creatinine reduced to 696 umol/L, which was out of his expectation. And his dialysis frequency has reduced to one time a week. After dialysis, his creatinine is 177 umol/L. Our doctor told him that if he can keep on Chinese medicine treatment for a period of time to reinforce the effect, his creatinine level can be stabilized to less than 400 umol/L, and then he can say goodbye to dialysis.

The Chance of Nephritis to Uremia Is Only 1%, But 4 Cases Can Aggravate Your Disease

Therefore, to avoid uremia, kidney patients must do one thing. That is to cooperate with treatment aggressively and do checkups regularly. Proteinuria and high blood pressure can affect the progression of kidney disease, so it is crucial to control them well. Though pathological type can not be changed, we can start treatment earlier to cure it in early stage.

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