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Why Is Someone Lucky Enough to Avoid Uremia? You Can Do It As Well

2018-05-12 03:54

Why is someone lucky enough to avoid uremia? In fact, if your disease is slight, aggressive treatment can help you avoid it. If you have gone into kidney failure stage, treatment can help you improve your condition, promote renal function and slow down the progression. It is not wise for you to give up treatment directly.

Why Is Someone Lucky Enough to Avoid Uremia? You Can Do It As Well

Different stages of kidney patients have different focus. Therefore, you should have a clear mind of your illness condition and seize the treatment focus.

Stage 1: adjust metabolism and eliminate inflammation to control proteinuria

Why Is Someone Lucky Enough to Avoid Uremia? You Can Do It As Well

In the early stage of kidney disease, kidney function is not impaired obviously, but occult blood and slight proteinuria may present, which indicate that there is inflammation in kidneys and the glomerular filtration membrane is damaged, but not serious. Therefore, it is important to eliminate renal inflammation and control proteinuria. Proteinuria is an independent factor that affects renal function. If it can not control timely, massive protein leakage can speed up kidney damage.

To control inflammation and proteinuria, steroids and immunosuppressants are mainly used. After about half years’ treatment, you can get obvious effect, but those medications have a lot of side effects so that some patients are not willing to use them. Because of no obvious symptoms, they may give up treatment, which make them miss the best cure time.

Stage 2-3: control blood pressure and proteinuria to halt the progression of disease

Why Is Someone Lucky Enough to Avoid Uremia? You Can Do It As Well

From stage 2, GFR begins to decrease. When it goes into stage 3, it develops to renal insufficiency stage when GFR ranges from 30 to 59, and various complications start to appear.

As one of the independent factors that affect renal function, hypertension presents. And massive proteinuria may still go on. Therefore, controlling these two factors is critical to protecting kidney function.

As to the treatment of hypertension, you can choose ACEI or ARBs. They are not only long-acting medicine to stabilize blood pressure, but also reduce proteinuria and protect renal function.

Besides, you should control salt and protein intake. Salt restriction is helpful for you to stabilize blood pressure and ensure the effect of antihypertensive medicine. A small amount of high quality protein can ensure nutrition while avoiding worsening proteinuria.

Stage 4: prevent fatal complications and protect residual kidney function

Why Is Someone Lucky Enough to Avoid Uremia? You Can Do It As Well

Stage 4 is also kidney failure stage. Kidneys shrink and kidney function is irreversible. At this time, if your disease can not be controlled well, some serious complications may appear and threaten your life.

Anemia, hyperphosphatemia, hyperkalemia, metabolic acidosis and other complications are all caused by impaired renal function, resulting in disorder of body metabolism and destruction of electrolyte balance.

In the treatment of anemia, you can add some food to supplement blood. Besides, you can inject EPO to increase hemoglobin and alleviate anemia. To prevent anemia getting worse, you had better make a reasonable diet plan to ensure nutrient intake.

Hyperphosphatemia is mainly caused by the decrease of phosphorus excretion in the body, resulting in the increase of parathyroid hormone and increased bone salt release. Besides, excessive phosphorus also affects the absorption of calcium, which can lead to renal osteopathy. This can be alleviated by reducing the intake of food high in phosphorus and by taking calcium and phosphorus binding agents.

Hyperkalemia is also caused by electrolyte disorder. You can improve it by reducing the intake of food high in potassium, and by taking some diuretics to eliminate potassium. But pay attention to protect renal function. Moreover, to replace medicine high in potassium is also helpful for you to reduce blood potassium level. High blood potassium can cause heart disease or even cardiac arrest, thereby you should monitor blood potassium levels.

Why Is Someone Lucky Enough to Avoid Uremia? You Can Do It As Well

Timely prevention of complications is the most crucial step in protecting kidney function. In addition, you should do regular checkups to have a clear mind of your condition.

All in all, to keep uremia way, you should not give up on yourself, and you should not wait the coming of uremia without doing anything. For more information on ESRD, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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