Kidney Disease Treatments

Many kidney patients complain the side effects of dialysis and steroids. Here, you can learn some alternative kidney disease treatments with less side effects.

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Alternative Therapy to help you fight against kidney disease.

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Foot Bath for Kidney Disease

Foot Bath for Kidney Disease

Foot Bath Therapy is a therapy which has about 3000 years, and it is an external therapy which comes from the experience summary and knowledge accumulation of Chinese people. For most kidney disease patients, they can get a lot of Foot Bath.

Action mechanism of foot bath

In Foot Bath Therapy, the warm water can promote our blood circulation, and the blood flow after foot bath can be increased to 10~18 times than normal, which can improve patient’s metabolism and Qi-blood circulation. Besides, Foot Bath Therapy can improve the skin functions of mucosa absorption and skin penetration, which can promote the medicine ingredients to be absorbed into patient’s blood. Foot Bath Therapy can make the ions of Chinese medicines permeate through foot skin, and they will be transported to patient’s organs through blood circulation. Then, the medicine ingredients can reach the effect of treating disease.

Obvious curative effects of Foot Bath for kidney patients

•Improving Qi-blood circulation: this therapy can increase the amount of blood flow obviously, and this therapy can stimulate the acupuncture points in feet, which can improve patient’s Qi-blood circulation and immunity.

•Regulating blood pressure: Foot Bath Therapy can regulate patient’s blood pressure by promoting patient’s blood circulation. Besides, Foot Bath Therapy can also be sued to treat high blood pressure, and this therapy can avoid the side effects of treating hypertension by western medicines.

•Promoting metabolism: With the increased blood circulation, more hormones will be excreted by our endocrine glands, and then our body’s metabolism can be promoted.

•Improving sleeping: The increased blood flow can remove out the metabolic wastes from patient’s body, like lactic acid, which can make kidney patient fell tired. As a result, patient will fall asleep faster in a state of relaxation.

Matters need attention:

Not all kidney disease patients are suitable to take Foot Bath Therapy, and these people had better avoid taking this therapy:

•Patients who have heart disease.

•Patients with cerebral hemorrhage who have not been cured.

•People who have inflammation in his feet.

•People who have skin diseases or burn in his feet.

•People who have severe thrombus.

•Pregnant woman and kid.

•People who are in high-strung nerve state.

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