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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Kidney Disease with Blood Urine

2016-10-24 08:53

Renal hematuria refers to the performance of impairment of kidney tissue, clinically, manifested by simple nephrotic blood urine, or hematuria with proteinuria. many kidney patients may have the symptom of blood urine, such as primary glomerular disease, purpura nephritis, lupus nephritis and other kidney diseases. So, how to cure blood urine with kidney disease?

Because blood urine may occur in different kidney diseases, so the treatments of blood urine for kidney disease patients are also different. If blood urine can not be treated timely, it will repeated and enable kidney impairment become more serious, and finally lead to uremia.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment

One of characteristic traditional Chinese medicine therapies is Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy. This kind of therapy is focus on the fundamental resource of hematuria, therefore to repair damaged glomeruli and to solve the problem of glomerular permeability. At the meantime, Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy also helps to clean the toxin in the blood and kidney, therefore reduce the inflammation of glomerli, and repair the damaged kidney. So, after Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, as long as patients with blood urine following the instruction of medication, the recurrence rate of blood urine is greatly reduced.

Due to blood urine will occur in different kidney disease, the specific treatment for renal hematuria need to make a different treatment plan by experts. So, if you have this kind of condition, you can leave us a message below, or send email to, we will give you more detailed information to help you.

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