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What Is Rhizome of Lalang

2014-09-03 06:04

What Is Rhizome of LalangLalang is a traditional Chinese medicine that is used used as antipyretic, blood purifying agent, hemostatic, diuretic for the treatment of hematemesis, epistaxis, hematuria, febrile diseases with thirst, oliguria, jaundice, acute respiratory infection with cough, vomiting, stranguria, edema.

Effects of thizome of lalang on kidney disease patients

It also possesses some antipyretic action. The flower cools the blood with some hemostatic action. For patients with advanced stages of kidney disease, they may experience hematuria (blood in the urine), because the damaged kidneys cannot hold back red blood cells. They can take cogongrass decoction to deal with that condition.

Dosage:9~30 grams for grade type; 30~60 grams for fresh type; 15-30 grams decoction for oral administration.

Other Chinese herbs that good for better kidney function

Not only rhizome of lalang but also some other Chinese herbs may be used in the treatment for kidney disease. For example, dandelion, poria cocos, astragalus, cordyceps sinensis, rhubarb, plantain herb, and corn silk are all always used.

However, you cannot only depend one kind Chinese herb to treat various kidney problems. A comprehensive treatment should be taken. I recommend you take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy that is also based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Herbs in this therapy are chosen by our experts after decades of years’ researches. Many clinic practices prove this therapy is natural and effective for kidney disease patients.

Effects of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

There are many indicators that can be take as reflectors of how well your kidneys are working. After you take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, you can see both short term effects and long term effects.

Short term effects: You can see your urine output becomes normal and will also see some floccules in the urine. In fact, this substance are the wastes discharged by your kidneys. In addition, you will find that you have a better sleep quality and appetite.

Long term effects: After you take this therapy for a long time, your creatinine and BUN (blood urea nitrogen) levels will decrease and won’t elevate again.

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