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Creatinine 300-500 is a bottleneck period. Only when you solve the fundamental problem can you go through the bottleneck and reduce creatinine steadily.

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Creatinine 300-500: How to Reduce It Steadily

2018-09-01 06:19

Creatinine 300-500: How to Reduce It SteadilyCreatinine 300-500 is a bottleneck period. Only when you solve the fundamental problem can you go through the bottleneck and reduce creatinine steadily.

Creatinine has been the focus of kidney disease treatment. Although creatinine is easily affected by many extrarenal factors and cannot reflect the condition sensitively, it is still an important indicator for judging the renal condition and curative effect at present. When creatinine ranges from 300 to 500, it is likely for you to fall into bottleneck period. It is difficult to control the further decline of renal function with the single use of niaoduqing granule, aixite and Ketosteril tablets. And it is also not the right time to start dialysis, so you may still want to try some measures to improve your condition and keep dialysis away.

What happens to our kidneys when creatinine is 300-500 umoI/L?

It shows that kidney damage is more than 2/3, which is already severe. When creatinine rises to 500 weeks moI/L, it is already in the period of renal failure and the days away from dialysis are numbered. Therefore, the purpose of treatment in this stage is very clear. Either to maintain creatinine level to 300-500 umol/L and stabilize the illness condition, or to reduce creatinine to improve your condition. How to achieve these two goals?

You should find the right reasons and fundamentally solve the problem.

Kidney patients know that creatinine is an important indicator of renal function, and increased creatinine means decreased renal function, which is caused by necrotic renal cells. Renal cell necrosis has two fundamental causes: excessive inflammatory response and cell ischemia and hypoxia. Therefore, as long as you solve the two causes, you can stop the cell from continuing to necrosis, prevent kidney function from declining, and stabilize or even reduce creatinine.

1. Overactive inflammatory response. Overreaction occurs because our immune systems become dysfunctional and we lose our ability to limit ourselves. Such a response results in the accumulation of large amounts of immune complexes in the kidneys, which, if uncontrollable, can lead to renal cell and tissue destruction. If the immune complex can not be cleared up, the inflammatory response will remain. Simply hormone suppression will not solve the problem.

2. Cell ischemia and hypoxia. High blood pressure can cause blood vessel compression, and high blood sugar and high blood lipid can cause blood vessel blockage, which can result in renal cell ischemia and hypoxia. Therefore, improving renal blood microcirculation is the key.

How to do them in detail?

1. Treatment core: combination of Chinese and western medicine for both symptoms and root causes. Rational use of western medicine, such as hormones, immunosuppressive agents and so on can control indicators well; Traditional Chinese medicine can be used to maintain immune balance, strengthen their own detoxification capacity, enhance the system function of monocytes macrophages, promote the production of cytokines, and enhance the humoral immune response.

2. Treatment objective: to control the indexes well, such as blood sugar level, sodium, blood pressure, uric acid, lipid and proteinuria. Besides, correct anemia and acidosis. Only when the indicators are well controlled can creatinine fall or maintain the stability of creatinine for a long time.

3. Dietary principles: strictly follow the "low salt, low phosphorus, low potassium, low purine and high quality low protein diet".

4. Drink right amount of water: keep the urine volume of 2000-2500ml 24 hours a day as the principle, drink water when thirsty, and do not drink water when not thirsty.

5. Maintain a good mood and lifestyle.

Now you know how to reduce creatinine 300-500 steadily. For more information on high creatinine treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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