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Diet Suggestions for Patients with Hypertensive Nephropathy

2016-10-25 02:49

Hypertensive Nephropathy is a kind of kidney disease, which can lead to a serious consequence in the late stages, such as kidney failure, heart failure, or cerebral artery atherosclerosis and so on. So, taking a effectively prevention is a important step, and diet is also a great method to prevent it become more serious. Do you know the principle of diet for kidney patient with high blood pressure?

1. Low-sugar diet: Sweet food have rich sugar which is easy transfer to fat, thus cause artery atherosclerosis.

2. Limit salt intake: Daily intake of salt should be less than 6g. There, amount of intake refers to the amount of salt, including cooking salt and sodium salt which is contained in other foods. Appropriate reduction of sodium intake can help reduce blood pressure, and reduce sodium and water retention in the body.

3. Appropriate amount intake of protein: 2-3 times a week consumption of fish protein can improve vascular permeability and elasticity, and increase the amount of sodium excretion so as to decrease high blood pressure. But, if hypertension associated with renal dysfunction, patient should limit protein intake.

4. Limit the intake of fat: Vegetable oil is recommended when cooking. Some food like marine fish is a good choice, because it contains unsaturated fatty acids which can oxidize cholesterol, thereby reducing plasma cholesterol, extending the aggregation of platelets, inhibiting thrombosis, and preventing stroke.

5. Eat more foods with calcium and potassium: Such as kelp, lettuce, potatoes, eggplant, yogurt, shrimp, milk. Patients with hypertensive nephropathy should eat less broth, because the broth contains a lot of nitrogen which can increase uric acid in the body, thus strengthen the burden of liver, kidney, heart.

Anyway, diet is a great choice for preventing high blood pressure kidney disease, but it is not enough. We all know that when the disease becomes serious, just diet can not cure the kidney disease from the root. The best way is still to go to hospital for a timely treatment before it becoming serious. If you want to know more about treatment for hypertensive nephropathy, please leave a message below.

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