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What’re Symptoms of Hypertensive Nephropathy

2014-04-19 02:36

What’re Symptoms of Hypertensive NephropathyEarly stage Hypertensive Nephropathy (hypertensive nephrosclerosis or Hypertensive renal disease) is always ignored by patients, as patients suffer few or no symptoms at early stage. When their diseases are diagnosed, they may develop into advanced stage. There are some symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy, hoping it can give patients some useful information.

Frequent urination at night

High blood pressure strains the blood vessel in glomeruli, which causes pathological changes in kidney, and over time the blood vessels become narrow. Kidney has the symptom of ischemia. Kidney tubules are more sensitive than glomeruli, so kidney tubules suffer damage earlier than glomeruli. Kidney tubules fail to reabsorb crude urine. Patients need to urinate more often, especially at night.

Foamy urine (proteinuria)

When glomeruli finally get injured, urine will turn foamy--- protein leaks in the urine. This is the result of the disease progress. Glomeruli are the filter of our body. When they get impaired, protein which should be blocked in the blood will leak in urine. If let the disease alone, patients will develop to advanced stage.

Swelling or edema

As lots of protein leak in urine, the amount of protein in blood will decline. The hydrostatic pressure decreases subsequently. Fluid will move to tissue space from blood--- swelling or edema will occur.

Blood urine

This symptom only occurs to some patients due to the broken capillaries and it is a transient symptom.

Hypertensive Nephropathy is similar to hypertension, which harm patients’ health in a long term. But the Hypertensive Nephropathy induces some diseases, like cerebropathy and cardiopathy may be fatal to patients. People with chronic high blood pressure are required to pay attention to the symptoms of Hypertensive Nephropathy, as some severe disease may be caused by it, like malignant hypertension (blood pressure rise to a very high level).

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