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Can Fish Oil Treat IgA Nephropathy

2018-05-08 03:37

Some studies suggest that fish oil is effective in treating IgA Nephropathy, while others suggest that it is ineffective. Whether fish oil is effect or not has been debated. In this article, let’s have a discussion.

What is fish oil?

Should IgA Nephropathy patients take fish oil?

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, the main active ingredient in the treatment of kidney disease.

We know that kidney disease is caused by inflammation. IgA Nephropathy is immune inflammatory response caused by IgA deposits. Fish oil can reduce this kind of immune inflammatory response, thereby reducing urinary protein and serum creatinine level.

Does taking fish oil definitely relieve proteinuria and improve kidney function?

Not certainly.

Although fish oil can reduce cytokines that promote inflammation cytokines so as to reduce the immune response and nitric oxide synthesis. Some scholars also believe that it can also be used to treat Membranous Nephropathy, FSGS, Lupus Nephritis and some interstitial nephritis. But from the point of clinical effect, it gets both praise and blame so that there is no consensus among academics.


Should IgA Nephropathy patients take fish oil?

Does taking fish oil have any side effects?

Some patients may have burp or diarrhea after taking fish oil, but it is usually not serious. For most patients, it is safe to take fish oil.

Should IgA Nephropathy patients take fish oil?

When 24h urine protein is over 1g, the kidneys will be damaged due to excessive proteinuria, and it will be required to reduce proteinuria by ACEI or ARBs.

Should IgA Nephropathy patients take fish oil?

At present, the first choice of IgA Nephropathy treatment is still these two kinds of antihypertensive drugs. They are indeed effective.

When proteinuria can still not be reduced under 1g after over 3 months’ ACEI or ARBs, fish oil can be considered. And to monitor the urine protein and serum creatinine after you take fish oil. If both of them decreases, it means fish oil is effective. For more information on IgA Nephropathy treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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