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What Lab Tests Will Be Used To Diagnose Kidney Failure

2014-04-01 09:56

What Lab Tests Will Be Used To Diagnose Kidney FailureKidney failure is a state that patient’s kidney function fails to filtrate out the metabolic wastes from patient’s kidney adequately, and patients will have the imbalance of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base in their body.

As we know, the earlier kidney failure is diagnosed, the better patient’s prognosis will be. Well then, to diagnose kidney failure, what lab tests will be needed?

1. Routine blood test:

In the routine blood test, patients with kidney failure often have obvious anemia, and patients will have normal or increased white blood cell count. Besides, the amount of blood platelet will reduce and the asedimentation rate of cell will increase.

2. Routine urine test:

In the routine urine test, patients with kidney failure will have different results, but some common conditions will appear.

In the test, the osmotic pressure of urine will reduce, and the urine amount will also reduce, while the urine protein quantitation will increase.

3. Blood biochemical examination:

In this test, kidney failure will cause patients to have some obvious changes. For example, the amount of albumin will reduce. The level of blood calcium is often lower than normal, while the level of phosphorus in blood will be a little higher. Besides, the levels of potassium and sodium will change according to patient’s own condition.

4. Imaging examination:

For patients with kidney failure, imaging examination will also be needed. And tests like radionuclide scan, ultrasonography, CT and MRI, renal biopsy, etc are often used to diagnose patient’s renal condition.

5. Kidney function test:

Kidney function test is an important test to diagnose patient’s condition, which includes the level of BUN, creatinine, blood uric acid, urine protein, urea clearance, etc. These results will reflect patient’s kidney function, and if patients have kidney failure, all of these indexes will reduce.

These are the lab tests that are often used in diagnosing kidney failure, and it is better for patients to make sure their conditions as early as possible.

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