Kidney Disease Symptoms

Here are some typical kidney disease symptoms. With the information, you can know them and learn to control them effectively with doctor's guidance.

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Kidney Shrinkage Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Diet

What is kidney shrinkage?

Kidney shrinkage (atrophic kidney or kidney shrinking) refers to the shrinkage in the size of one or both kidneys. Kidney size can reflect kidney function: larger or smaller than the normal kidney size indicates the dysfunction of kidney. When kidney begins to shrink, the disease may develop into renal insufficiency or uremia. In early stage, kidney shrinkage is asymptomatic. Only patients’ kidney function is below 50%, can patients feel some symptoms.

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What are the causes of kidney shrinkage?

There are three common causes of kidney shrinkage: congenital renal dysplasia, end stage kidney disease and chronic pyelonephritis.

1.Congenital renal dysplasia

Due to obstacles of blood supply in embryonic period or other reasons, renal tissue can’t develop sufficiently. Hypogenetic kidney is less than 50% of the normal kidney size.

2.End stage kidney disease

When the disease develops into end stage kidney disease, serum creatinine and urea nitrogen usually reach a high level. Nephrons, the functional tissues of kidney, suffer damage. Kidney will shrink.

3.Chronic pyelonephritis

Pyelonephritis is due to obstruction of the urinary tract, which can cause elevated pressure on veins, arteries and tissues. The condition can cause severely damage to patients’ nephrons. Kidney will suffer damage and begin to shrink over time.

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What are symptoms caused by kidney shrinkage?

Since the underlying causes of kidney shrinkage are different, the symptoms of patients may have a little difference. However, there are symptoms which may be common for kidney shrinkage patients.

- Frequent urination

- Painful urination

-Blood urine

-Nausea and Vomiting



-Back pain

-Skin itching

-High blood pressure.

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How to treat kidney shrinkage?

Before chalking out the treatment plan, doctors needs to make clear underlying causes of kidney shrinkage. CT scan and MRI can help confirm the diagnosis. Some treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital have achieved good effects on kidney shrinkage patients.

-Stem cell therapy

Stem cell can differentiate into the damaged cell and replace them. The kidney lesion can get recovery. Now, CIK and interleukin-12 have been applied in clinical use.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on Chinese medicine, in which Chinese medicines permeate the skin and get into kidney lesion with the help of osmosis device. These medicines can dilate vessels in kidney letting more oxygen and nutrients get into kidney tissues. Some ingredients in Chinese medicine have the effect of anti-inflammation, which will decline the overactive inflammation in kidney. All these curative effects can help damaged renal cells get recovery.

We are professional in kidney disease treatment and there are many effective treatments in our hospital. If you are interested in these therapies you can leave a message or send email to for more information.

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How do kidney shrinking patients make their diet plan?


Patients are required to take in limited amount of high quality protein.


Patients should avoid animal fat but take in some unsaturated fatty acid, such as fish oil and flaxseed oil are good for their health.


Patients are required to take in high calories to keep a normal weight, which is the foundation to fight against disease.

-Minerals and vitamins

Due to dysfunction of kidney, patients may lack some minerals and vitamins. For example, lack of iron may aggravate anemia and lack of vitamin D may hold back calcium absorption.

Besides the above information, patients also need to make some change in their lifestyle.

-Quit smoking and drinking

-Living a regular life

-Doing regular mild exercise

-Avoiding flu and infection

-Having regular checkups

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