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Low Hemoglobin Level

Hemoglobin, Hb or Hgb, is one important protein of our red blood cells, and it is responsible for carrying oxygen to various organs. In clinic, hemoglobin level is often used to indicate whether the amount of red blood cells is normal. Low hemoglobin level appears on kidney disease patients easily. If left alone, it is more likely to cause various symptoms and problems.

Normal hemoglobin level

Age, female and some other factors affect the normal hemoglobin level.

- 170~200g/L for infant

- 110~160g/L for children

- 110~150 g/L for female

- 120~160g/L for male

If one person’s blood test shows hemoglobin level is lower than the normal figure, he or she may have anemia that is one common symptom of kidney disease.

Low hemoglobin level and kidney disease

As introduced by kidney experts, producing EPO is one important kidney function. When kidneys fail to work, EPO deficiency will lead to lack of red blood cells, resulting in anemia. Besides, deposits of toxins, iron deficiency and bleeding tendency are also reasons of anemia and low hemoglobin level. The lower hemoglobin level, the more severe patients anemia is. Read on to determine whether your anemia is severe.

- Hb > 90 g/l, mild anemia;

- Hb ranges from 60~90 g/L, moderate anemia;

- Hb ranges from 30~60 g/L, serious anemia;

- Hb < 30g/L, extreme anemia.

How to deal with low hemoglobin level for kidney patients?

From the above analysis, we can know lack of EPO, iron deficiency and deposits of toxins are common reasons for kidney patients’ anemia. For this reason, we give out the following treatment options that can help increase hemoglobin level.

1.Eat more foods rich in iron and folic: Both iron and folic are essential material to produce red blood cells, so foods with abundant iron and folic are good for these patients. For example, cauliflower, carrot, tomato, beef, red dates, etc.

2.Inject EPO: rHuEPO is one medication that can improve patients’ anemia effectively and hemoglobin level can rise to 100 g/L.

3.Transfuse blood: If patients’ low Hb level is due to bleeding, they may need to take blood transfusion.

4.Repair damaged kidney cells: No matter which factor is the direct cause of anemia, damaged kidney cells are the root reason. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy all can help repair damaged but not necrotic kidney cells and improve blood circulation, but they are suitable for different patients.

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