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Lupus Nephrotis Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Diet

Lupus Nephritis Definition

Lupus Nephritis occurs when systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) causes inflammatory reactions in kidneys. Besides kidneys, SLE can also cause damage to skin, nervous system, joints and may important organs. If uncontrolled effectively, Lupus Nephritis may eventually aggravate into kidney failure.

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From the above analysis, we can know SLE or lupus is the direct cause of Lupus Nephritis, while many factors can lead to SLE. In clinic, SLE is one autoimmune disorder that may be due to inherited factors, sex hormone, environment, infections, medications, immune reactions or some autoimmune diseases. All of these pathogenic factors can cause many kinds of antibiotics to combine with antigens, and the combination is called immune complexes. With the body circulatory system, these immune complexes will induce Lupus Nephritis when they build up in kidneys.

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How to Diagnose Lupus Nephritis?

The symptoms of Lupus Nephritis are similar to those of some other kidney diseases. In order to make sure patients can receive correct treatment plan, it is necessary to get an accurate diagnosis. The following tests can help patients to diagnose their Lupus Nephritis.

- Blood tests: Creatinine, BUN, uric acid, etc, levels in the blood can reflect whether kidneys are working normally.

- Urine tests: It can detect proteinuria or blood urine.

- 24-hour urine collection: It is used to measure the kidney filters’ ability to filter wastes.

- Ultrasound: This test can help show kidney size and kidney shape.

- Kidney biopsy: To distinguish Lupus Nephritis from other kidney disease and determine treatment plan, kidney biopsy is often needed.

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What are Most Common Lupus Nephritis Symptoms?

Lupus Nephritis is one serious kidney problem, and its symptoms are often obvious. If you happen to have Lupus Nephritis, you may have some symptoms, including:

- Hematuria or blood in urine

- Proteinuria or foamy urine

- Swelling in legs, feet, ankles, hands or face around the eyes

- Weight gain

- High blood pressure

- Frequent urination at night

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Is There A Cure for Lupus Nephritis?

It is difficult to manage Lupus Nephritis. Only if patients accept effective treatments timely and keep a healthy diet and lifestyle, can they stop or even reverse the progress of their illness condition. Here, we have some treatment options to help treat Lupus Nephritis.

- Corticosteroids: These medications can help decrease kidney inflammatory reactions, so as to ease patients’ proteinuria, swelling and some other symptoms. But because of their potential serious side effects, patients should use them carefully.

- Immunosuppressants: These drugs work through inhibiting immune system activity from damaging kidney, but they can’t eliminate immune complexes and repair damaged kidney cells.

- Plasma exchange: Use clean plasma to exchange immune complexes and other toxins from patients’ body, so plasma exchange is a good choice to treat moderate or end stage Lupus Nephritis.

- Blood Pollution Therapy: With the effects of normalizing blood circulation and prompting the restoration of damaged kidney cells, this therapy may help reverse Lupus Nephritis.

Precaution: Different therapies suit various patients. If you want to know which one is suitable for you, you can send your test report or levels of creatinine, BUN and GFR to or . We are glad to help you find out the best treatment for you.

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How to Develop a Healthy Diet for Lupus Nephritis Patients?

Today, we are here to firstly give out several basic dietary requirements for Lupus Nephritis patients. To more about detailed diet plan, welcome to contact us.

- Develop a low-protein diet

- Limit the intake of sodium

- Try to get rid of saturated fat

- Increase the intake of high-calcium foods to some extent

- Avoid alfalfa

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