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Overview of  Lupus Nephritis

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Lupus Nephritis,Symptoms, Treatment, Diet and Causes Lupus Nephritis is one autoimmune kidney disease. If you have it, try to find out Lupus Nephritis symptoms, treatment, diet and causes.



Lupus, or SLE, is the main cause of Lupus Nephritis. Well control the underlying cause that can help treat Lupus Nephritis largely.

Lupus Nephritis Diagnosis

Lupus Nephritis Diagnosis

Blood and urine tests are basic tests for Lupus Nephritis patients. Besides, some other tests are also needed for accurate Lupus Nephritis diagnosis.

Lupus Nephritis Symptoms

Lupus Nephritis Symptoms

Lupus Nephritis is characterized by skin rash, swelling and proteinuria. Managing these Lupus Nephritis symptoms and signs very well can slow its progress.

Lupus Nephritis Treatments

Lupus Nephritis Treatments

Steroids and immunosuppressants are used commonly to treat Lupus Nephritis. Besides, healthy home remedies and therapies are also helpful.

Lupus Nephritis Diet

Lupus Nephritis  Diet

A right Lupus Nephritis diet is unable to cure this disease, but eating healthy foods does boost patients’ fitness and improve the overall condition.

Lupus Nephritis Prognosis

Lupus Nephritis Prognosis

As introduced by doctors, Lupus Nephritis prognosis isn’t as good as we image. To prolong patients’ life expectancy, you can follow kidney experts here.

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