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A Diabetic Nephropathy Patient With Delay of the Illness

2014-12-09 06:43

A Diabetic Nephropathy With Delay of the IllnessVictor comes from Philippines. He has a history of 9-year of Diabetic Nephropathy. Whenever mentioned his illness, he was full of emotions.

In 2004, he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, since he always felt thirsty and hungry, and also had frequent urination. Yet, he refused to take medicines, but only depend on restricted diet to control blood sugar levels.

In 2005, his test report showed 2++ protein, and serum creatinine 246.4 umol/L. This time, he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, and was treated with ramipril. However, since this medicine do nothing for him, he stopped taking it by his own.

In 2010, his test report showed an increased serum creatinine level with 475 umol/L with atrophic kidneys. However, he was not aware of the severity of his illness condition, so he took no treatments.

In March, 2014, due to dizziness, he made a test again. He found that his blood pressure rises to 180/100mmHg, and serum creatinine reaches up to 572umol/L. He had to take dialysis twice a week as well as treatment of amlodipine tablets. After several months, he got no obvious improvement.

Finally, he traveled our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, for hope of revering health.

The young guy in his left is his nephew, Billy. He know something about medicines, so he accompanied his uncle so that he can do him a favor while taking care of him.

When Victor came here, his creatinine level had been up to 859umol/L, which means he had developed End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Dialysis and high blood pressure control are far from enough, because these methods cannot change the blood vessels damage due to high blood sugar level.

High blood sugar lead to a high blood viscosity that can cause blood clots. As a result, not enough blood and oxygen can be carried to the kidneys, leading to renal damages. Therefore, to treat Diabetic Nephropathy is to improve blood circulation and repair damaged nephrons.

After a detailed analysis of his illness condition, our experts suggested Hemofiltration, which is more safe and effective than dialysis. As severe symptoms were controlled, treatments begun to focus on improving kidney function.

After ten days of our characteristic treatments, Victor felt much better. His complexion become light up and never felt nausea and dizzy frequently. All these good outcomes made him to decide to stay here for sequential treatment here. Wish he get well soon!

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