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Jiang Yinghui: To Be a Doctor with Pains and Gain Is the Happiest Thing

2014-12-27 01:05

Jiang Yinghui: To Be a Doctor with Pains and Gain Is the Happiest ThingHe once said in an interview, “ No pains no gains. To help the patients recover health is the gains for me.” Dr.Jiang explained how to work hard when patients entrust their lives to him through these words. Here is one of his stories.

Mrs Sun was diagnosed with Kidney Failure one half a year ago. She took dialysis in several hospital, but she got no improvement. She lost the hope and didn’ t want to continue the treatment. However, the family members begged her to hold hope and stick on the treatment, and she finally came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

When she admitted to our hospital, she had severe swelling with more than 5kg fluid inside the body. After two days and nights of hard working by Dr. Jiang and considerable care of nurses, Mrs. Sun got a great relief. Most of the excess fluid were excreted effectively. Dr.Jiang said, “Due to the delay of treatment before, her illness condition developed fast and had become so dangerous. That leaves a difficult rescue. However, even though there is only one percent change of living, we will give our full efforts to help the patient.” “They choose us, because they trust us. Everyone should be responsible for the life.”

However, Mrs.Sun stopped taking medicines after a relief, and insisted on going home. No one could persuade her to stay at the hospital. while Dr.Jiang did not give up. During her staying at home, Dr.Jiang kept in touch with her husband and knew that she had a relapse with more serious swelling. This time, she suffered from shock, but fortunately she survived again. In order to take care of her, Dr.Jiang had no chance to see his grandfather one last time. He had such a pity but said, “No one has not pity. I believe my dear grandfather can understand me, because he is always the one who support me. If accident happens on patients while I am not there, I won’t be forgiven, and that will be the biggest pity.”

Finally, Mrs. Sun was discharged from hospital and got together with her families. Wish everyone here will recover health like her.

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