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One Kidney People with CKD for 12 Years See Effect After One Week Treatment

2014-12-29 15:56

One Kidney People with CKD for 12 Years See Effect After One Week TreatmentThe old man you can see from the picture are 68 years old. Twelve years ago, his right kidney was removed due to kidney cancer. However, this surgery didn’t help him get rid of kidney problem forever. Soon after, he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, and lived with this disease for 12 years.

Over the past years, he just took medicines to relieve discomforts. He didn’t tell his illness condition to his children, because they were busy and he won’t want them to be worried. However, he could never simply depend on medicines because they did nothing. Persistent bad appetite, insomnia and fatigue tortured him and forced him to do a test in hospital. His time, his creatinine reached up to 153umol/L. He was aware of the dangers, if untreated timely.

Finally, he came to our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Dr. Feng Lihang took care of him from then on. She said, I won’t let him feel lonely since he came here alone.

After one week of treatment, his creatinine level reduced to 101, and symptoms were greatly relieved. He even took a walk in the near park every morning. He just needed to take Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a period, and then come back to hospital for a check. He can finally stop the medicines.

He said, “I really appreciate Dr.Feng, not only because she cured my disease. What touched me is her sincere consideration for me during my stay here. She is just like my own daughter!”

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