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Anemia and Kidney Disease

It is difficult for one person to make up his mind to get treatment far away from their own counties, so do kidney patients. However, nothing is more important than health. Until now, patients from more than 64 countries have visited here, so we have rich experience in arranging patients’ visit to China. Follow me to find out how you can visit Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Step 1. Contact one doctor online

We have large amounts of nephrologists with many years’ clinical experience. Tell the online doctor more about your illness condition or send your latest medical report to Therefore, we can arrange a doctor specialized in corresponding aspect to help you.

From the doctor, you can know the estimate treatment plan, the expected therapeutic effects, hospitalization time and total cost from this doctor. Then, you can determine whether it is worth for you to make a visit to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Step 2. Apply for video consultation

To make foreign patients know their illness condition better and make a treatment plan preliminarily, we hold video consultation regularly. Therefore, patients can talk with many kidney exerts at the same time face to face. However, many kidney patients want to apply for such a consultation, so you need to request it in advance. Then, we can arrange it for you.

Step 3. Request an Appointment

If you want to come here for improving your overall health condition as well as kidney condition, you should request an appointment with the doctor who is contacting you. Therefore, we can arrange your ward, doctor, nurse and translator well for you before your coming.

Step 4. Arrange your visit

Firstly, you need to book ticket from your country to China. Then tell us your ticket number, so we can arrange our medical workers to pick up you from the airport and arrange everything well in advance. Hopefully, you can have a satisfied visit and get obvious increase of kidney function and improvements here.











Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

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