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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is one of the methods that have the potential to cure kidney diseases. As we know, the exact reasons of many kidney diseases are still unknown, let alone the cures for these diseases. Stem Cell Therapy is good news to many kidney disease patients. This article will give a brief introduction of this effective treatment.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

In brief, Stem Cell Therapy is a kind of therapy that injects the stem cell into patient’s body to restore and rebuild the injured parts. Stem cell is ‘basic cell’ of our body which can be found in umbilical cord or bone marrow and have the ability to mature into any type of tissue in our body. When the stem cells get into patients’ body, they will be attracted to the injured part. They differentiate into cells of the injured parts and replace the damaged cells. The purpose of treating disease can be reached. It is different from the traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. The conventional way treat kidney disease is to suppress the overactive immunoreactions and reduce or alleviate inflammation and harmful substance to delay the progress of the disease. These treatments can’t treat the disease completely.

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How does Stem Cell Therapy work to treat kidney disease?

When these stem cells get into patients’ body, their kidneys will release cytokines to draw them to kidney. Then these stem calls will produce large quantity of daughter cells and these daughter cells will differentiate into all kinds of renal cells that are needed, such as renal tissues cells and renal blood vessel cells. If the microcirculation of kidney gets improved, the blood pressure of glomeruli will get lower. The relief of ischemia in kidney will contribute to the improvement of whole blood circulation. Simultaneously, the increase of EPO can alleviate the anemia condition of patients. Alone with enhancing of immunity, the excess immunoreactions will decrease, adjusting the immune system to work normally. The kidney lesion can be restored.

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What are the features of Stem Cell Therapy?

This therapy can be widely used to treat many diseases and it can give patients complete treatments. Patients don’t have to take many medicines or have an operation, so more and more kidney patients prefer to take this therapy for recovery.

What are the features of Stem Cell Therapy?

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Where can I find Stem Cell Therapy?

Since Stem Cell Therapy has the potential curative effects for kidney disease, many patients have asked whether it is available in India, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, etc. So far, Nephrologists in the hospital of China have applied the Stem Cell Therapy for years. They have rich experience in this therapy. If you are interested in this therapy, you can contact our online doctor. They will give you more detailed information.

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How much does it cost for Stem Cell Therapy?

According to patients’ condition, the costs of Stem Cell Therapy are different. For example, some patients with little kidney function have to inject more stem cells than others, so their cost will be more. To learn the estimated total cost of Stem Cell Therapy for you, you can send your latest test report or illness description to Kidney experts here can tell you the treatment plan and cost in detail.

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